Learn tools that will empower you to begin creating the life you authentically desire!

What does movement have to do with Manifestation?

Manifestation is happening in your life at every moment whether you are aware of it or not. Movement creates motion. Motion creates flow. Flow is inside of us wanting to connect with all that is outside of us. When we use the two together it puts us in offense and no longer in defense.

We become the creators and no longer the victims. We begin to take accountability and move from a place of abundance rather than lack.

Movement gives opportunity to begin connecting us to our inner pulse, inner power, inner knowing, our innate rhythmic roots, harmonic cycle, beat by beat in full trust as we are. Now, from this connected place we can begin to see all that is the Universe around us connecting back with us, helping us, guiding us. We begin to detach, trust, lean in, and create space for what we are calling in.

What you want, wants you too.

I am going to teach a series of tools and the WHY behind these tools so that you can begin using them yourself in creating/manifesting your life. To begin loving all areas and crevices of your life.

My goal in this life to help others begin embodying more love. We truly do have everything we need inside of us.

I have been using the tools in this workshop to peel back layers, break down walls, mend/heal from the deepest heart breaks, and transmute the darkest feelings of grief and to become more in love physically, mentally, and spiritually with it all.

We are ascending. The New Earth is happening right now, we are upgrading right now. The Earth is purging and exposing what no longer serves Her.

As are we.

I want to help you learn how to do the same by connecting back to your authentic Self. I want to help you be with the inhale and the exhale so that you may step more in trust with Self and life around you.

"Enlightenment is when the expression of LOVE supersedes the desire for TRUTH."

-Robert Grant


  1. Opening Prayer into Meditation
  2. Visualization, Light Yoga into Ecstatic Movement
  3. Talk & Journal
  4. Practical Tips and Connect
This is a light outline of how this workshop will go, however, I am trusting of the present energies during this workshop to move/guide as I feel in the moment.

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